I love it when people say they are "very intuitive" as if they expect some sort of applause and lots of "oos" and "ahs."  Intuition is not some great mystery nor is it a gift reserved for a privileged few.  We are all intuitive, and we can all develop and refine this gift at anytime.

The watchword for intuition is "feeling."  "Feeling" does not mean simply emotion although emotion is a type of feeling.  Feeling is an umbrella term to describe all the felt senses of the internal body.  Often when I'm teaching yoga I will ask the class to close their eyes and be observant of their inner landscape, the emotions, the physical feelings, and the more general less tangible feelings in the body.  It's a way of helping the brain reconnect with and trust a deep source of ever present sensory wisdom within us.  It's a way of finding that space that cannot be confirmed by anyone outside of us, but where we are certain that "we know that we know".  

So if we can see intuition as a simple recognition and observation of the present moment feelings in our bodies, then we can take it down off the pedestal of a special psychic skill and realize we can all develop and use this sense.  Developing the connection to these inner sensations takes some time, and it does take some practice to listen to and trust them.  It also takes some time and practice to discern the difference between our intuition and our craving impulses.  Craving impulses are strong desires that can "feel right" but are actually a manifestation of old and often destructive mental patterns.  Generally, I find craving impulses to have a sense of manic urgency to them while intuition is the firm but quiet voice.  There is no assertion nor urgency in intuition as it is only a recognition of how to manage a particular choice at hand. 

A simple example: 

"Do I turn right, or do I turn left?"

"What does my intuition tell me?"

"Hey dude, turn right." 

But intuition doesn't put its hands on the wheel and make us turn right.  That choice, as with all others, is our responsibility.

If you want to refine your intuition, just pay attention more.  Pay attention to your body and how it feels. Observe how you feel in certain situations, around certain people.  Notice when you get a sense that something may be right, or something may be wrong, and test out your sense.  Was it true? As with anything, it just requires practice and a little trial and error.  Soon enough however, you sort out the steady voice of intuition from your cravings.  I continue to refine this sense every day, and it's strong but by no means perfect.  It just takes a little time, awareness, and trust.