I've been thinking a lot lately about bigger perspective on beauty, taking it out of the small view that it's only in the "good". 

Beauty, as I am discovering little by little, is in the ordinary every day and in the totality of life.  It's in both the pain and the joy, the gain and loss.  I know now some of the most beautiful moments in my life have also been some of the hardest.  By the way, that's a total hindsight perspective my friends, by no means what I thought while in the midst of the tough stuff.  But in that hindsight, I can see now these times were when my heart was so raw and torn it had no choice but to be open.  In these tender moments there is such a unique possibility of touching something deep within us, what one of my favorite teachers calls "the tender spot".  The beauty in these situations comes not from the situation, but from the exquisite tenderness and purity that lies within them.  We learn, hopefully, to move our attention back from the specifics into the general and see with a bigger perspective. It doesn't mean we like what is happening, condone it, or even deserve it.  It means we can see that in these moments there is the possibility of touching the bottom of our hearts and of seeing how innocent and pure and loving so much of us still remains. Beauty arises always, in every moment, any time we are willing to see it.  It is always to be found in the simplicity of what is there.