1. You allow yourself to fully feel, process, and release stored emotional tension in your body. You realize that this is the most important aspect of keeping your body's systems in balance.

2. You begin to change your inner dialogue from one of condemnation, of self and others, to one of blessing self and others.

3. You can manage your own stress response with your breath, choice of perspective, and healthy movement.

4. You move your body in ways that make you feel alive, balanced, energized, and whole. You also move your body in ways you enjoy!

5. You move your body for the way it makes you feel more than the way it makes you look.

 6. You know when to exercise and when to rest, most of the time.

7. You know how to listen to your own internal signals of hunger, satiation, fatigue, and thirst. You also allow yourself to disregard these signals once in a while because you remember that your body is self-balancing and resilient and you won't fall apart if you aren't mindful of all your internal signals all of the time.

8. You allow yourself to have fun in a way that feels fun to you, not in a way that you think you should have fun.

9. You don't entertain anyone else's drama. You feel no need to take on someone else's issues as your own and you know how to compassionately get up and walk away.

10. You get angry, sad, depressed, and lonely and you know that those feelings are all more than ok. You also know how to work with them in a way that allows them to process through and out of your system.

11. You don't draw other people into your drama. You know how to process your internal world for yourself.

12. You allow yourself to move into and out of phases in your life without grasping at the past or yearning for the future. You know that transitions are always hard, and that it's ok to grieve the past at the same time you are moving forward.

13. You feel pretty good about yourself most of the time. You know it's ok to have days, even weeks or months, where you don't feel good about yourself.

14. You recognize and cherish the people in your life who cherish and love you.
You give them more attention than the people who don't cherish and love you. You stop trying to get the people who don't cherish and love you to love you, because you realize how incredibly unimportant that perceived validation really is.

15. You realize you are worthy of the life you truly want, even if that differs significantly from what you were raised to expect or what other people have.

16. You allow yourself to manage your energy in a way that is authentic to you. You know, for the most part, how much social and how much alone time makes you feel the best.

17. You know when to ask for help and you know the people that can truly help you.

18. You honor your nature, and allow everyone else to honor his or her nature even if it is drastically different from your own.

19. You realize that your relationships cannot give you a sense of self; you must give yourself a sense of self that brings relationships to you that are authentic and enjoyable.

20. You can allow people to leave your life without grasping backwards for them. You know when a relationship is over and you can manage your own grieving process to allow yourself and the other person to get on with their life.

21. You don't need to process every little thing that happens in a relationship with a "How do you feel, no how do you feel, well I feel, well this made me feel, when you say I feel. . ." conversation. You can just live life, and hash out what you need to when appropriate, and leave well enough alone when it's time to leave well enough alone. You also know that you can laugh or dance out the silly little stresses of life and relationships.

22. You enjoy the world. You see as much beauty driving to work as you do on an adventurous vacation.

23. You don't feel the need to immaturely chase all the bright shiny objects, including people, which come your way. You know how to healthily control yourself, and you have decent command of your cravings and impulses.

24. You can pause and breathe to see your true motivation for the words you are about to speak or the action you are about to take. You have the courage to make a different choice if you are about to do something unhealthy and stressful.

25. You realize when you are isolating yourself and when you just need time by yourself.

26. You can, for the majority of the time, sit with yourself where you are.

27. You look out for yourself by looking down the road to see the big picture and how your actions will affect others. You realize that looking out for yourself also means avoiding causing undo suffering for others. You realize you don't have to stomp all over someone else's happiness to be happy yourself.

28. You realize that in reality you are always, 99.9% of the time, more than ok. It's only those pesky thoughts that tell you otherwise.

29. You can laugh uncontrollably, sometimes to the point of crying.

30. You can cry when you need to and you realize how good it feels to cry.

31. You realize you really are a total bad ass, and you are doing your best, and being a bad ass doesn't mean you don't f&%$ up. You just know how to deal with your f&%$ ups in a healthier way.

32. You care very, very, little about what others think of you. And, you don't feel the need to always justify and explain yourself to everyone because what he or she thinks has next to nothing to do with you.

33. You can laugh at yourself, because you know you can be kind of ridiculous sometimes, and that makes you smile and laugh rather than self-conscious.

34. You know that there's no way you can possibly do everything in this list all the time and you let go of doing it perfectly. You just do the best you can and forgive your screw-ups. If you're hitting 60ish% of this stuff 60ish% of the time, you are living a pretty awesome and healthy life!