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I love to be in my house and the home I've created. It feels like a sanctuary to me. When I come home, even from a stressful day, I can be at peace. There are many aspects of my home that I love, but maybe the most important is that my space feels good to me. When I am in it, it feels peaceful. Our outer homes, where we house our bodies, are the places where we let go from the outer world. Our inner homes, where we house our minds, bodies, and psyches, are where we all truly have to live 24/7. It is in this inner space where we often feel we are not at home, like we are strangers in our own lives. It's the space that when not tended can turn into a scary and unwelcoming place. One of the most important feelings we can work towards is a feeling of being at home in ourselves. It's an aspiration, and takes a long time to excavate the layers that clutter our internal space, but it is possible. When we do that work, we truly begin to relax and rediscover a sense of happiness.

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1. You allow yourself to fully feel, process, and release stored emotional tension in your body. You realize that this is the most important aspect of keeping your body's systems in balance.

2. You begin to change your inner dialogue from one of condemnation, of self and others, to one of blessing self and others.

3. You can manage your own stress response with your breath, choice of perspective, and healthy movement.

4. You move your body in ways that make you feel alive, balanced, energized, and whole. You also move your body in ways you enjoy!

5. You move your body for the way it makes you feel more than the way it makes you look.

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Spiritual betrayal can be one of the most psychologically and emotionally damaging forms of betrayal we can experience. It is a betrayal that splits our hearts so deeply that recovery can feel next to impossible. Although it can be felt in any relationship, it is often found in the moment when we realize, in small or big ways, that our spiritual teachers (read for our purposes: yoga teachers), the people in whom we have entrusted so much faith, are not perfect.

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Oh man, yes, I'm tackling the F-word, the holy grail of spiritual achievement, coveted by the righteous-seeking the world over, the word that makes us both relieved and cringe at the same time, the big one, yes, forgiveness.

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My friends, I want to introduce you to J. Forrest Conway, known to his friends as "Josh", the Founder and Head Coach at Gymnasium in West Newton MA.  Josh is my trainer, colleague, and friend who has developed a style of personal training that I believe to be on the cutting edge of fitness training and thought in this country.  He has a deep knowledge of and respect for the body, the body's mechanics, and how to create work out plans that are highly effective and at the same time sane and balanced.  I specifically asked Josh to write this blog as we think very much alike about the idea of intensity in fitness and why a balanced approach makes most sense for our bodies and minds.  Please enjoy!

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