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Alex Amorosi - Online Foundational Yoga Teacher Training

Alex Amorosi is excited to introduce a Foundational Yoga Teacher Training for the first time hosted by Artemis Yoga! You are invited to join Alex for eight weekends starting October 24, 2020 until May 2, 2021. This is your opportunity to embark on a unique and powerful journey of learning to teach yoga! Whether you are looking to teach yoga full or part time, are already a yoga teacher who would like to refresh foundational skills, or are simply looking to deepen your own practice and understanding of yoga poses and philosophy, this training will challenge and motivate you to develop and refine the many skills required to teach a flow-style yoga class. See below for dates and details.

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Join sought-after senior yoga teacher Alex Amorosi for a unique and powerful journey of learning to teach yoga! In his own words:

"This is a path that completely and unexpectedly changed my life and I would be so honored to be your teacher and guide for your own journey. The beneficial healing effects of yoga practice have never been more necessary or relevant and it is my firm belief the need for yoga and effective yoga teachers will only increase in the years to come."

This program is open to no more than 15 participants. This is a great opportunity for mentorship among community of peers in a small cohort.

You will learn:

Basic yoga poses in a standard flow class including sun salutation sequences, standing poses, forward bends, elementary back bends, twists, hip openers, and basic restorative poses.
Basic anatomy and physiology of yoga alignment.
Basic neurophysiology of the effects of yoga and meditation on the brain and nervous system.
How to pace, sequence, and structure a flow class.
The specialized technique of working with private clients.
Modification of yoga poses for injuries and medical conditions including creative use of props and of the wall.
An introduction to trauma informed yoga teaching.
How to teach meditation.
How to create an inclusive and welcoming class environment.
Special training on anti-racism in wellness settings.
The unique ethical considerations of teaching yoga.
An introduction to the ancient philosophical underpinnings of modern yoga including The Yoga Sutras, The Upanishads, and The Bhagavad Gita.
The basics of energetic anatomy including chakras, major energy channels, and balancing energetic states.
How to teach effectively in an online format.

You will receive:

Interactive online instruction from Alex as your primary teacher.
Several interactive online guest lectures from experienced teachers and experts.
A comprehensive e-manual for reference during the course and as reference once the course is complete. You will also have access to all of Alex’s Power Point presentations for the duration of the training and they will be available for purchase after training is complete.
4 hours of one on one online mentoring with Alex during the course of the training.

Deposit: $500 required to reserve a spot
Early Bird: $2,300 (paid in full by September 18, 2020)
Regular Price: $2,600 (paid in full by Oct 15, 2020)
Payment Plan: Tuition refundable less $500 initial deposit and $100 processing fee until October 15th 2020. No refunds of any amount after October 15th 2020.

Who should take this training?

Alex recommends that you have been committed to a yoga asana practice for at least 1 year to take this training. If you have been practicing for less time than that, contact Alex to discuss if this training would be appropriate.

Things to Consider:

Learning to teach yoga is a serious and sacred commitment.
To acquire your certification with Alex, you will need to pass a written final exam and teach your own full-length flow class which Alex will observe and evaluate. Alex will prepare you well for these tasks, but you will need to block off a set amount of time every day to practice and study.
There will also be outside assignments and projects between each module to be completed in order to be certified.

About Alex Amorosi:

Alex Amorosi has been teaching yoga in group, private, and corporate class settings since 2005 and training yoga teachers since 2007. He has a wide variety of experience in teaching beginning to advanced practitioners, people returning to yoga from illness and injury, and yoga for trauma recovery and for trauma sensitive populations. Alex is known for his engaging and approachable style when training teachers. He breaks down complex physiological, philosophical, and energetic ideas into accessible information using analogy, imagery, and references to art, music, film, and other aspects of history and pop-culture. He is passionate about coaching teachers to find their individual voice and passions so they may find success and joy on their own unique teaching path.


5-Week Private Teacher Professioal Development Course

(Also available remotely via Skype)

In the course of developing the craft of teaching yoga, questions and issues often arise that are best answered in a one on one coaching setting. Private Teacher Coaching is a valuable and necessary investment for yoga instructors who have such questions and wish to take their teaching to a new level. Some common topics include:
1. How to calm down, take a breath, and just be yourself
2. How to recognize and trust your intuition and marry it to technique
3. Advanced sequencing (both physical and energetic)
4. How to "read" a room and what that really means
5. How to throw a structured plan out the window and teach to what you see

For Private Teacher Coaching, Alex recommends that you have 6 months to a year of experience teaching and be teaching at least one regular weekly yoga class.

Teacher Coaching and Professional Development also available on an ongoing basis in weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly formats.






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"I have to thank you [Alex] for getting me
safely and comfortably practicing yoga. I realize you
must have researched poses and adaptations to
suit my needs. It made so much difference to me,
to practice a pose the way you showed me and with
your support, as compared to a method from a book.
That gave me confidence to practice regularly and
an awareness of alignment to carry into other poses.
I feel so much stronger and able to get through most
days with my back pain under control." – KB